Sunday, February 10, 2013

lz4-java 1.1.0 is out

I’m happy to announce the release of lz4-java 1.1.0. Artifacts can be downloaded from Maven Central and javadocs can be found at

Release highlights

  • lz4 has been upgraded from r87 to r88 (improves LZ4 HC compression speed).
  • Experimental streaming support: data is serialized into fixed-size blocks of compressed data. This can be useful for people who need to manipulate data using streams and want compression to be transparent.
  • The released artifact contains pre-compiled JNI bindings for some common platforms: win32/amd64, darwin/x86_64, linux/i386 and linux/amd64. Users of these platforms can now benefit from the speed of the JNI bindings without having to build from source.


In order to give a sense of the speed of lz4 and xxhash, I published some benchmarks. The lz4 compression/decompression benchmarks have been computed using Ning’s jvm-compressor-benchmark framework while the xxhash benchmark has been computed using a Caliper benchmark:

I did my best to make these benchmarks unbiased, but the performance of these algorithms depends a lot on the kind of data which is compressed/hashed (the length for example) so whenever possible you should make benchmarks with your own data to decide which implementation to use.

Happy compressing and hashing!